Potato Pizza Stuart and Raven

Roll out your favorite pizza dough. Soak some wild mushrooms (morel or porcini) in hot water.

Slice a couple of Yukon Golds thinly. Toss with some chopped fresh rosemary, pepper, and olive oil. If you have any roasted pumpkinseed oil, a few drops of that is a good addition here. Set aside.







Slice an onion thinly, then sautee in olive oil until it softens, While that’s going on, chop the wild mushrooms. Add them to the sautee pan, and continue sauteeing until the onions are beginning to brown. Deglaze with a little Marsala and the mushroom soaking liquid, then stir on the heat until most of the liquid is evaporated.Turn off heat and put aside to cool slightly.







Grate a pile of Raclette cheese. A Gruyere will sub if you don’t have Raclette.







Sprinkle the potato mixture with salt and mix. Arrange in a single layer on top of the pizza dough. Top with the onions and mushrooms. (I’ve also done this in the opposite order, onions/mushrooms first, then potatoes. It’s all good. Just don’t salt the potatoes until just before you’re ready to use them). Top with the Raclette, then bake on a stone in the hottest oven you can imagine.  I baked this at 500 for 16 minutes.  Used a pizza pan as it was too large to put on the stone.